Royal Resorts Turtle News

October 29 UPDATE:

Everyone’s invited to join us today, Friday October 29, at 8:00 p.m. in front of the “A” building at The Royal Sands. We’ll be releasing more just-hatched baby turtles into the sea as part of the Royal Resorts Turtle Protection Program. You can’t miss this experience! Just remember please: NO FLASH PHOTOS, as they hurt the little turtles’ eyes. Thanks and see you there.

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October 18 UPDATE:

Another week starts in paradise! We’re happy to report that we had a lot of visitors helping us during our last Turtle Release Program at The Royal Sands. Hundreds of just-hatched turtle babies ventured into the ocean for their first time.

Here are some pictures of the event. Since it was at night, no flash was used and there was some sea breeze hitting the camera lens, the quality might be a little low.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did, and hope to see you on our next Turtle Release Program.

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Warm regards from paradise!

October 15, 2010

Although the turtle-nesting season is winding down in the Mexican Caribbean, there are many eggs still to hatch and babies to release at Royal Resorts.

Each summer, our resort security guards participate in the Turtle Protection program, watching over green and loggerhead turtles while they laboriously dig their nests on the beach at night and then lay their eggs in the sand. The eggs are subsequently moved to the safety of a corral further up the beach and out of harm’s way. Forty-five to 60 days later, they begin to hatch and the babies struggle clear of the shells. It may take them over an hour to emerge and they are exhausted when they do. However, by the time the sun goes down, they are fully revived, no doubt responding to the mysterious call of the ocean.

Guards wait until it is dark and winged predators such as seagulls, frigate birds and pelicans have gone to roost before releasing the babies to begin life at sea. Resort guests are invited to participate in this beautiful summer experience by giving their turtle a name and saying a prayer as they release it. No flash photography please.

The latest turtle count shows that as of October 11, 191 nests and 21,553 eggs have been registered for the season at The Royal Caribbean and 97 nests and 10,508 eggs at The Royal Sands. This is good news for turtle lovers who were anxious to see how our summer visitors would fare this year.

With many of the eggs yet to hatch at both resorts, members and guests planning a trip in the next two or three weeks may still be lucky enough to witness a Turtle Release and don’t forget that you can see turtles all year round at Xcaret.