Changing lives, working for a brighter future

With your help we can make a difference

The Royal Resorts Foundation offers a helping hand to those in need, supports education, health programs, community and conservation projects in the Mexican Caribbean. In the last 11 years, we’ve been able to raise over US$1 million for our causes. Join us, together we can change even more lives.

Our Causes


Education for a brighter future

Each year, the Royal Resorts Foundation sponsors a class of 36 pupils at Colegio Mano Amiga on the outskirts of Cancun, enabling them to attend classes in a stable and secure study environment and giving them hope for a brighter future.



The Royal Resorts Foundation supports cancer prevention through breast cancer and prostate cancer screening programs.



The Royal Resorts Foundation is a longtime supporter of conservation, contributing to the protection of jungle, wetland and reef ecosystems and the rare creatures that inhabit them.



From supporting a center for vulnerable teenagers, or young girls coping with pregnancy and women fleeing domestic violence to lunches for the elderly, the Royal Resorts Foundation looks for ways to give back to the community.



Three Kings Day surprise for children in the Zona Maya

Thank you to all Royal Resorts members, guests and team members who donated a toy during the December holidays. Your gifts were part of a Los Reyes Magos surprise for children living in seven Mayan communities in central Quintana Roo during a Ciudad de la Alegría Three Kings Day event on January 6.


Physical therapy for children with mobility challenges

One of the Royal Resorts Foundation’s health causes is to sponsor six children with motor, bone and neuromuscular diseases so that they can attend regular physical therapy sessions at the CRIT Rehabilitation Center (Centro de Rehabilitacion e Inclusion Infantil Teleton) in Cancun.


Back to School

The Royal Resorts Foundation gives scholarships to students at Colegio Mano Amiga, a school on the outskirts of Cancun. Our scholarship pupils, all girls, are now embarking on their second year of high school in a mixed class (Class 2A), and have dreams of becoming doctors and health workers, attorneys and engineers.


Unveiling the new children’s playground at Parque Cancun

Mission accomplished! The Royal Resorts Foundation is excited to announce that the playground in Parque Cancun which was the cause we chose to support with the 2023 Royal Resorts Foundation Race is now up and running and ready to provide hours of fun for the children of Cancun.

Team Member Emergency Relief Fund

A serious illness, the prospect of major surgery or coping with a chronic medical condition is devastating for any family, yet the Royal Resorts Foundation is always there for Royal Resorts staff, providing financial aid in times of crisis through the Team Member Emergency Relief Fund.

In recent years, we have helped employees with cases including:

  • Speech therapy for a hearing-impaired child
  • Major operations including open heart surgery, a kidney transplant and emergency care for a case of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis
  • Hip, knee and cornea replacements
  • Surgeries and post-operative care for cases of club foot, ankle, knee, spleen, diabetic retinotherapy, appendicitis and peritonitis
  • Travel expenses for post op care and back treatment for a boy with spina bifida
  • Treatment for chronic fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and for a child with epilepsy
  • Testing for stomach and breast cancer, chemotherapy, among others


Royal Resorts Foundation Race

The annual Royal Resorts Foundation Race is another way we help change lives, by raising money to support a cause. Each year, Royal Resorts members, guests and local runners join us for a fun morning of exercise and community action.

Our race causes over the years have included:

  • Building a house for a child with brittle bone syndrome
  • Repairing a house for an elderly couple and their son with severe mobility challenges, and adapting it to their needs
  • Building a kitchen at the Don Bosco community center for vulnerable teenagers
  • Supporting a scholarship program for low-income students to enable them to get a university education
  • A playground for all children to enjoy, with mobility ramps and signage and games in Braille

Stay posted for more news about our next race.

How can you help?

With your support we can reach more people in need, spread more happiness and change lives.


Other ways to support

  • Donate through the Help Change Lives campaign during your next visit to Royal Resorts.
  • You can also donate to the Royal Resorts Foundation using Royal Resorts Rewards.
  • To donate school materials, toys, clothing and more, become a volunteer or organize your own fundraiser to help the Royal Resorts Foundation, contact us:

    888-848-0925 (International)
    800-546-7441 (in Mexico)