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Best Deal Guaranteed

Booking your next caribbean vacation directly with Royal Resorts will always be your best option

As pioneers in the hospitality industry, our commitment is to always deliver you the best, and Royal Reservations, the official Royal Resorts rental website is no exception. We know that your vacation experience does not start right from your arrival to any of our 6 Royal Resorts properties in Cancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico; but from the moment you book your stay. We want you to be confident that booking with Royal Reservations will always be your best option when planning to stay at Royal Resorts, and that with your booking you will be getting the lowest price online plus exclusive benefits and added values

No matter which resort you choose, we guarantee that you will not find a lower rate anywhere, but in case you do, please let us know via email at bestdeal@royalresorts.com so we can assist you.

General terms & conditions

"Best deal guaranteed” policy applies only if it meets the following conditions.

1. Guests must have an active and confirmed reservation with Royal Reservations before entering a Best Deal Guaranteed request.

2. Guest must contact us whenever a better price quotation is seen in another website and submit a request via email at bestdeal@royalresorts.com with the following:

a. Your reservation information such as guest name, and your Royal Reservations confirmation number.

b. Information about the better price quotation (must be quoted in USD) found such as site’s URL (complete web address from your web browser) and a screenshot of the site with the rate clearly visible.

3. The better price quotation must be in the same conditions of your original reservation, (same hotel, number of nights and room type, etc.) online and bookable at the moment of verification.

4. Our Best Deal Guaranteed policy can also be applied against official rates available on our website.

Requests will be answered within the next 48 working hours after submission.


1. Requests must be processed before arrival, once checked in there will be no compensation, adjustment, or refund.

2. The best deal guarantee only applies one single time per reservation, if a reservation has already received a price adjustment, it will not be considered for future requests, even when showing and meeting the above requirements.

3. The Best Deal Guaranteed policy does not apply to rates that include but are not limited to:

a. Corporates or group rates

b. Special rates made available through affiliations programs

c. Special rates applicable for loyalty or frequent traveler programs.

d. Package rates, that is, rates derived from bundle rates that may include flights, car rental, or any other combination.

e. Opaque rates offered by lodging suppliers that do not reveal the hotel’s name until the reservation process is complete.

Price match and rewards per resort

If your “Best Deal Guaranteed” request meets the conditions previously stipulated, we commit to match the competing price and provide you with an additional reward*.
*At this moment, Royal Uno will not provide a reward

Destination Resort Reward
Cancun The Royal Cancun All Suites Resort $50 USD Tour Credit
The Royal Sands Resort & Spa All-Inclusive
The Royal Islander All Suites Resort
Playa del Carmen The Royal Haciendas All Suites Resort & Spa
Puerto Morelos Grand Residences Riviera Cancun $50 USD Resort Credit
Cancun Royal Uno All-Inclusive Resort & Spa No Reward Applicable

Should you need further information about our Best Deal Guaranteed Policy, please contact us.
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