We regret to inform you that the Royal Resorts Foundation Art Auction which was due to take place on November 26 at Gran Salon Hacienda Sisal from 6 – 8 p.m. has been postponed. We hope that you will join us at a later date to support Art for a Cause.

A group of 22 Royal Resorts employees signed up for art classes and the proceeds from the sale of their paintings will go to the Foundation’s Employee Emergency Fund for staff facing serious illness or major surgery.

Our Royal artists come from departments from all over the company and we thought you would like to meet some of them.

Carlos, Maintenance

Originally from Tabasco, Carlos has been with Royal Resorts for 17 years and has lived in Cancun for 30 years. He had never taken an art class before but decided to sign up to learn something new. What was the inspiration for his picture? He explains, “I chose climate change, it’s a real threat and it is affecting the entire planet. If we don’t take action now, this is how we will see the ocean’s fish.”

Carlos is motivated to continue painting and says, “ It is good to know that my work will contribute to the Royal Resorts Foundation and help people in need.”

Joel, Human Development

Originally from Mexico City, Joel has been with Royal Resorts for 21 years now. In his free time, Joel is an actor and you may have seen him portray La Catrina during Dia de Muertos events at the resorts. He was already taking oil painting classes when he decided to sign up for the Royal Resorts art workshop to learn new techniques.

Joel tells us about the inspiration for his painting. “I did two paintings, one was inspired by my Mother and the other is a self portrait. My Mother passed away this January at the age of 93 after a stroke and doing this painting helped me through the grieving process. My second painting reflects my essence, my madness, my art and the freedom to express myself through acting and art.”

“I would like to thank the Divertimento art teacher and the Royal Resorts Foundation for promoting art and giving employees a chance to try new forms of expression. I am really eager to paint something else. I feel honored that my painting will raise money for the Royal Resorts Foundation, which offers a helping hand to staff in times of crisis. It really is art for a cause.”

Vanessa, Web Development

Originally from Valladolid, Yucatan, Vanessa has been with Royal Resorts for 16 years. She tells us why she decided to sign up for the art workshop: “ I used to love drawing, painting, writing poetry and any kind of arts and crafts when I was a child, it made me happy. I really don’t remember when I put it all aside and forgot it. This feeling of happiness for art returned during the workshop and I began to test my creative talents again.

“The inspiration for my painting was The Little Prince, especially the illustrations and the conversation between the fox and the prince.” Vanessa explains, “I believe that it means that the true value of things lies below the surface, not in the eyes of the beholder. It lies in love, the bond of friendship and all the little things and moments that make up life; sometimes we only begin to value them when they are no longer there.

Vanessa says that taking the art workshop has motivated her to continue painting. She adds, “I would like to thank the Royal Resorts Foundation and I am happy and proud to have contributed to this noble cause. The Foundation always offers a helping hand to those in need, supports wildlife conservation and promotes education. All these causes help change lives and make the world a better place.”

For more information on the Royal Resorts Foundation and its causes visit royalresortsfoundation.org