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Whale shark

A day with domino, in search of the whale sharks

I was on a boat heading for the zona azul or blue water, the name given to the deep waters to the east of Contoy Island, scanning the surface of the ocean for signs of the pez domino or whale sharks.
El Conquistador, Seven courses full of exquisite flavors
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Unforgettable dining experiences for your next visit

Looking for different dining experiences on your next Royal Resorts trip? Join our talented chefs for an unforgettable evening at El Conquistador and Hacienda Sisal.

Thomas More Travel now offering car rentals

For your convenience, Thomas More Travel is now handling car rentals at the resorts.
At your service

We are at your Service

We strive to go that extra mile to make your vacation exceptional, full of unforgettable moments for you to enjoy with family and friends.
Royal Uno

Royal Uno Welcomes its First Guests

On June 28, Royal Uno® All Inclusive Resort & Spa welcomed its first guests with a day of activities, cocktails, a Mexican dinner and show and a mariachi serenade.
The Royal Haciendas

The Royal Haciendas is Sweet 16

On July 1, our favorite spot in the Riviera Maya, The Royal Haciendas celebrated its 16th anniversary with a fun day of Sweet 16 events for members and guests to enjoy.
Green Turtle

Royal Turtle News

Our oceangoing summer visitors are here! The female sea turtles that come ashore on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean at night to lay their eggs are emerging from the waves.
Royal Resorts App

Use the Royal Resorts app and save time during your vacation

When your Mexican Caribbean vacation approaches, remember that the Royal Resorts app is a great tool to use before you travel and during your stay.
Sushi Kiniko

A Celebration of Asian Flavors

Are you staying at The Royal Haciendas this summer? We hope you’ll plan an evening at Kinoko to enjoy sublime Asian flavors.