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Back to school for Royal Resorts Foundation students

The class of 31 girls that the Royal Resorts Foundation is able to sponsor, thanks to your generosity, has started the new school year at Colegio Mano Amiga. Now in fourth grade, they are all eager to begin their studies.

In addition to our Colegio Mano Amiga students, the nine university students who are now receiving grants as a result of the 2019 Royal Resorts Foundation Race also return to college this month.

The Royal Resorts Foundation teamed up with Fundacion Lomas, its 2019 race partner, to sponsor these students by covering their monthly tuition fees. They also receive a scholarship to help with living expenses, bus tickets and are entitled to use the student café at their university.

Here’s a look at our nine students as they follow their dreams. We are sure that you will want to wish them good luck and every success in their studies this year.

Obed C.

Studying: Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica
Obed is a dreamer working hard to build a better future. He is studying in the Information Technology department at his university.

Nicthe M.

Studying: Languages and Public Relations, Universidad de Oriente
Nicthe has a flair for languages and wants to travel the world. She is currently doing work experience in the Weddings department of a Riviera Maya resort.


Hannia A.

Studying:Tourism and Hotel Management, Universidad del Caribe
Hannia works hard to achieve her goals. She is currently doing work experience in the Weddings department of a Riviera Maya resort.

José Miguel V.

Studying: Communication, Universidad de Oriente
Always smiling, Miguel describes himself as happy and outgoing. This creative spark has a passion for developing multimedia content and is currently studying Elemental Frequency.

Maria Fernanda C.

Studying: Environmental Engineering, Universidad del Caribe
Maria Fernanda (Mafer) is committed to sustainable development and a role of environmental stewardship. Describing herself as responsible and disciplined, she dreams of forging new processes and standards to protect the environment. She is currently doing work experience in the department of Security and Hygiene in the Workplace at Capital Humano.

Diana Shirley E.

Studying: Nursing, CONALEP
Caring and dedicated, Shirley wants to become a Nurse and describes her family as one of her greatest motivations. She is studying in the Department of Medicine and will soon begin her social service in Cancun General Hospital.

Isaac R.

Studying: Business Development, Universidad Tecnológica
Isaac wants to make the world a better place and strengthen community development, ensuring opportunities for all. He is a passionate volunteer, working for the common good and as a student represents the Social Impact Collective.

Gabriela S.

Studying: Business Administration, Universidad del Sur
Service-oriented, responsible and hard working, Gabi is doing her work experience in the Grupo Lomas Commissary.

Jessica C.

Studying: Tourism and Hotel Management, Universidad del Caribe
Jessica is patient, calm and dedicated to her studies. Her work experience took her to the Customer Service department in the Grupo Lomas sales office where she helps out with administrative tasks.

On the job training

Through the work experience program, our students get on the job training to complement their studies. They also have coaching sessions with tutors who set up regular meetings with them to discuss their progress and help them adapt to university life.

Get involved

If you would like to change lives by helping more young people get an education, providing vital care for the sick or protecting the environment, support the Royal Resorts Foundation.



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