REFINE All-Inclusive package Policies

Policies for Members and their guests purchasing the REFINE All-Inclusive Package as an addition to a Membership Week, Exchange (internal o external), Signature Club Reservation, Owner Loan, or Royal Time. (Not applicable for rentals)

  • The REFINE All-Inclusive Package must be purchased for all guests staying in the unit.
  • The REFINE All-Inclusive Package must be purchased for a minimum of 4 consecutive days. If you are staying for less than 4 days, it must be purchased for the duration of the stay. The purchase must be for consecutive days within the same week, in other words you may not distribute the four days throughout the total length of stay.
  • If the REFINE All-Inclusive Package is purchased mid-stay, then it must be purchased through to the day of check-out.
  • If a Member of Royal Resorts exchanges their week(s) and gives it (them) to a non- member third party via a Guest Certificate, said Guest will have optional access to the REFINE All-Inclusive Package. This policy is only valid if the Royal Resorts Member uses a Royal Resorts week for the exchange. If he/she uses a week that is not one of his/her Royal Resorts membership weeks, this courtesy cannot be granted. Only one Guest Certificate per Royal Resorts membership agreement is allowed. In other words, for each week owned, one Guest Certificate can be given to a non-member who will have optional access to the REFINE All-Inclusive Package.
  • The REFINE all-inclusive package is mandatory for all Getaway reservations not being used by the Member and there are no exceptions.

Policies for Members and their guests purchasing the REFINE All-Inclusive Package using a Rental Reservation

  • Members have two ways to rent at Royal Resorts: either European Plan (room only) or using REFINE All-Inclusive.
  • European Plan (EP) rentals are exclusively for members in Resorts where REFINE All-Inclusive is mandatory for Non-Members. Currently this applies to The Royal Sands for all weeks and The Royal Haciendas and The Royal Cancun in most weeks. If Members acquire additional units for their guests through a rental but the guests are not staying in the same unit as the Member, the guests will have optional access to the REFINE All-Inclusive Package as long as the member is staying at the same resort during the same dates.
  • European Plan (EP) rates are room-only rates and are not applicable for the Member REFINE rates used for Memberships, Exchanges (Internal or External), Owner Loans and Royal Time.
  • Members will have a limit on the number of additional EP units they can rent for third parties without the REFINE All-Inclusive Package being mandatory. Members will be allowed to rent as many additional EP units for third parties as they show in their membership agreement without the All-Inclusive being mandatory. That is, each membership agreement allows for one EP rental week for a third party. Once they exceed this limit, guests will have to rent their stay with the REFINE All-Inclusive Package. For example, if a member owns weeks 21 and 22, they will be allowed to rent up to two additional units for third parties without a mandatory All-Inclusive Package.
  • Members who prefer to rent with the REFINE All-Inclusive Package are able to do so at discounted rates. At the time of booking it is important that you inform the reservation agent that you are looking to rent the REFINE All Inclusive Package. EP Rates are not applicable for adding on the REFINE Package at Member Rates, these are only applicable to weeks of Membership, Exchange (Internal or External), Owner Loan and Royal Time stays.
  • If a Member rents an EP room and upon arrival decides to take the REFINE option, the rental rate will be recalculated at the current REFINE All-Inclusive Member rental rate.

Other Policies

  • The REFINE All Inclusive package is optional for all members registered in the membership agreement regardless of when or how they stay at the resort, in other words when staying in their membership unit, exchanging their unit for another one through an internal exchange or with an International Exchange company or when they rent additional units for their personal use.
  • All guests staying in a member’s unit with or without the member being present, in other words staying as an Owner Loan, also have optional Access to the All-Inlusive package. In the case of international exchange Guest Certificates, please refer to FAQ number 13.
  • The REFINE All-Inclusive package will be optional for all members of the resorts in the Caribbean with Systems by Royal Resorts. This includes all members registered in the membership agreement.
  • The REFINE All-Inclusive package will be mandatory for non-members who rent at The Royal Sands or The Royal Haciendas and The Royal Cancun through the Reservation Center or online travel agencies such as Expedia or Orbitz. The all-inclusive package is included in their daily accommodation rate and charged at market price.
  • Timeshare owners with different companies outside Royal Resorts who exchange to vacation at The Royal Sands, The Royal Cancun and The Royal Haciendas through an international exchange company must purchase the all-inclusive package.
  • The REFINE All-Inclusive package is only available at The Royal Sands, The Royal Haciendas and The Royal Cancun. REFINE All-Inclusive bracelets are issued per person and are non-transferable. The benefits and services that the wearer of the bracelet is entitled to may not be offered to anyone else.
  • All-Inclusive service will be cancelled without the right to a refund if a guest is found to be misusing it. For example, in the event that a guest is found to be offering All-Inclusive services or products to someone who is not entitled to them, the REFINE All-Inclusive package will be automatically cancelled for him/her and all the registered guests in the room without a refund.
  • Loss of the bracelet will incur a $150 US charge for a replacement.
  • There are no exceptions to the rule. There is no charge for replacing damaged bracelets, as long as the bracelet issued at check in is presented and the number corresponds to that registered in the guest’s file. Royal Resorts reserves the right to update and change these policies without prior notice.

*Because of the nature of our establishment the REFINE All-Inclusive Package may or may not include accommodation.