Every month, Royal Resorts Foundation volunteers help out at a lunch for senior citizens at a parish church in Downtown Cancun. In April, it rolled out the red carpet for them, welcoming 135 of them to Hacienda Sisal for a special meal.

This group of senior citizens comes from Lourdes, Santa Cecilia, Maria Auxiliadora and San Juan Bosco parishes. They are poor and the majority of them have been here since the early years of Cancun. They do not have a family support network to look after them and many are ailing, with limited mobility, sight or hearing problems. This monthly get-together is their only opportunity to meet up with friends.

Royal Resorts normally provides lunch for the event and volunteers from the resorts serve the guests, spending time with them and making sure that they all enjoy themselves. In April, instead of gathering at the Lourdes church, the elderly parishioners were bussed out to Hacienda Sisal where Royal Resorts Foundation and Restaurant Division volunteers welcomed them and escorted them to tables decorated with flowers brought by the resort gardeners.

During lunch, musicians of the Perla del Caribe marimba band performed traditional melodies from the state of Chiapas and other parts of Mexico.

The afternoon entertainment included dance, fashion and singing contests and the guests also received gifts and food baskets.