Read all the latest news from the Royal Resorts Foundation, including information about several key causes and new staff fundraising initiatives at the resorts.


Children’s Party at Vidas Transformadas

On May 1, children at the Vidas Transformadas community center in the Alfredo V. Bonfil district on the outskirts of Cancun were treated to a surprise party to celebrate Children’s Day. They received toys donated by Royal Resorts staff, enjoyed lunch with burgers, cake and candies and had fun with a piñata and games.


Supporting Conservation

The Royal Resorts Foundation has renewed its financial support for longtime conservation partner Amigos de Sian Ka’an with an annual donation of US$13,500.

Amigos de Sian Ka’an projects include the protection of jungle and wetland ecosystems in Sian Ka’an and elsewhere in the Mexican Caribbean and of rare species such as the jaguar and tapir. Its hydrologists are developing a water management plan to protect the area’s underground rivers and cenotes and working with international scientists to map them. Other experts are conducting climate change studies and monitoring coral reef health and fish populations. There are programs to eradicate exotic species such as devilfish and lionfish and control rat and feral cat populations on the cays that form the Banco Chinchorro atoll. Amigos de Sian Ka’an staff also have an important environmental education mission and projects to promote sustainable development and community tourism in villages in Sian Kaán and the Zona Maya, among others.


Rehab Therapy for Children

Seven children with motor and neurological conditions are getting the physiotherapy, and in some cases speech therapy, that they need at the Cancun CRIT Rehabilitation Center thanks to the Royal Resorts Foundation sponsorship and $280,000 donation.


Cancer screening

To date in 2021, The Royal Resorts Foundation has paid for 100 women on a low income to have mammograms.


Staff fundraising initiatives

From raffles and sales to donations, Royal Resorts employees and departments do what they can to support the Royal Resorts Foundation.


Massages for a Good Cause

The massage therapists at the Spa have teamed up in support of the Royal Resorts Foundation. They are using their skills and knowledge for a good cause by offering massages to Royal Resorts employees at a special rate. All proceeds from these massages are donated to the Royal Resorts Foundation.

The employees discover the health benefits of a massage knowing that the money they pay for their massage will help others.

This initiative began several years ago after one of the therapists received help from the Royal Resorts Foundation for a hearing aid and she and her workmates wanted to give something back. During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, many of them received aid through the Emergency Employee Appeal and they decided to reactivate the program as a way of saying thank you.  The goal this year is to raise a total of $43,092 pesos (less VAT tax) for the Royal Resorts Foundation at The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas Spa.


Pizza with purpose

Every time members and guests order an individual pizza from Bartolo’s Pizza, $1 peso will be donated to the Royal Resorts Foundation, rising to $3 pesos for a medium pizza and $5 pesos for a large pizza. This campaign has already raised over $18,300 pesos for the Royal Resorts Foundation.


Vending machine snack sales donations

The Royal Market and Commissary are donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of snacks sold in vending machines installed back of house in employee areas. To date, $39,427 has been raised through this initiative.