New Mexican Food & Spirit Pairing at Hacienda Sisal

Mexican Food & Spirit Pairing at Hacienda Sisal

For a Mexican evening in Hacienda Sisal and a glimpse of the country’s culinary traditions, try the new Tequila & Mezcal Experience. Sample a selection of Mexico’s favorite liquors and a tasting menu of delicious dishes.

Chef Jennifer

Chef Jennifer will be your guide and by the end of the evening, you will have learned all about the Mexico’s miracle plant, the maguey and the species used to make liquors. She explains that tequila is only made from the blue agave (Agave tequilana Weber) and production is exclusive to Jalisco and parts of Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. In contrast, mezcal is from Oaxaca and can be made from different maguey plants such as raicilla, jabali, coyote and arroqueño. Tequila is distilled twice and mezcal only once, which gives it a characteristic smoky flavor.

Discover the origin and history of tequila and mezcal, how the piña or heart of the maguey plant is harvested and cooked to release the sugary juice and the different techniques of tequila and mezcal distillation. You’ll soon be sipping your tequila as a connoisseur and will be able to tell the different between tequila blanco, reposado and añejado!

A different tequila or mezcal is served with each dish on the delicious five-course tasting menu and they complement the flavors to perfection.

A tequila blanco is served with a shrimp aguachile appetizer. Arrachera steak tacos with a delicious sauce follow with a Reposado tequila, which has been stored in oak barrels for one year, giving it a hint of wood and caramel. Cochinita pibil sopes are then served with mezcal and the main course is salmon a l’orange flambeéd in tequila and served with an añejo tequila. Añejo tequilas are stored in barrels for three years and extra añejos for more than three years, giving them an even smoother flavor.

For dessert, almond cake and brownie and a sweet and mellow tequila-almond liqueur are a heavenly combination.

Reservations are required for the Hacienda Sisal Tequila and Mezcal Experience. Price $950 pesos, tax included. 50% off if you have the REFINE All-inclusive package. Monday and Friday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The minimum size of the group is eight and the maximum 20 people.