Recently, we have been made aware that some members may still be unsure about their international exchange options and how Royal Resorts’ RCI affiliation may affect the memberships that they have with Interval International.

Royal Resorts members who sign up for the Royal Resorts Signature Club receive a two-year complimentary membership to RCI worldwide, but many of them are still members of Interval International. If this is the case, they may use the I.I. vacation exchange system as they have always done until their membership expires, providing that they pay the corresponding fees established by I.I. If they decide to renew their I.I. membership they are free to do so. Indeed, many members with multiple weeks have chosen to do this and now use both exchange networks.

Weeks banked with Interval International may still be used providing members are current with their I.I. subscription. If they let their annual membership lapse then they lose any weeks deposited in the I.I. network.

Royal Resorts properties are still listed in the Interval International Resort Directory and on the II website.

It is possible for Royal Resorts members to be members of both RCI and I.I. vacation networks for maximum exchange power. However, it is not possible to deposit the same week in the two systems.

Existing RCI memberships with other resort groups cannot be merged with RCI accounts provided through the Royal Resorts Signature Club due to the exclusive benefits that our program offers. However, Royal Resorts who have an RCI membership with a different company may use their RCI Points from the other resort to stay at Royal Resorts properties.