Raise your glass in a toast to Mexican Independence at Hacienda Sisal this September and say the words “Viva Mexico” in one of Cancun’s top restaurants. There’s plenty to celebrate in the hacienda inspired by the grand old estate houses of yesteryear: a new menu and artisanal beers and mezcals to savor, in addition to a collection of connoisseur tequilas and margaritas.

Order your favorite Mexican appetizers: empanadas, tacos, tostadas, sopes or guacamole or try the vegetarian ceviche with a light citrus dressing. Main courses range from chicken with authentic Oaxaca-style chocolate-chili mole sauce to mixiotes, pieces of slow-cooked lamb in agave leaf parcels. The classic Yucatecan dish cochinita pibil is a popular choice, it is pork marinated in achiote spice rub, wrapped in banana leaves and baked until it is so tender that it falls off the bone.

If you are an enchilada fan, choose from a selection of green or red chili sauce, mole, vegetables or lobster and shrimp. Burritos and fajitas are also on the menu and for the hearty appetite there are prime steaks and locally sourced fresh seafood to tempt you.

Mexico is the world’s leading beer producer and artisanal brews are growing in popularity, some made with hops from the United States or Europe and others with hops from Latin America. Try the new Hacienda Sisal selection and if you like tequila, be sure to discover its cousin mezcal. Made with traditional crafting techniques, this agave liqueur from Oaxaca is becoming a drink to savor.

The maguey worm found in commercial brands is purely a marketing ploy and you won’t find it in any of the traditional artisanal mezcals now being served at Hacienda Sisal.

Don’t miss Pozole Thursday for all-you-can-eat pozole soup or the ever-popular Sunday Brunch from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’s also live music on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Hacienda Sisal is open daily for lunch and dinner, 2 to 11 p.m. Reservations: restaurants@royalresorts.com or ext. 165. www.haciendasisal.com