If you are preparing for your next vacation to Mexico and have always used traveler’s checks in the past, we would like to inform you that Royal Resorts is no longer accepting US dollar traveler’s checks.
 Please read the following explanation and plan accordingly for your trip.

This policy change came into effect in the summer of 2014 and is due to important banking sector reforms in the United States now affecting financial institutions in Mexico and many other countries. US bank regulations controlling overseas dollar payments form part of the Federal Government’s ongoing crackdown on money laundering and were recently tightened further. Many US banks are no longer offering US dollar traveler’s checks and their international banking partners have been forced to take measures accordingly.

The bank Royal Resorts uses for dollar payments and deposits is no longer accepting US dollar traveler’s checks. This is also the case in other Mexican banks and bureau de change. As a result, we regret that Royal Resorts is no longer able to accept traveler’s checks in US dollars.

This change only applies to US dollar traveler’s checks. Traveler’s checks in Canadian dollar, Euro, British pounds and Swiss Francs are not affected by this ruling.

Furthermore, Mexican banks can no longer accept checks in US dollars drawn from banks in the United States. This rule does not apply to checks in US dollars drawn from banks outside the United States, for example in Canadian or European financial institutions.

As alternatives to US dollar traveler’s checks, there are ATMs in the resorts and at all local banks and Visa, Master Card and American Express are widely accepted. You may pay your resort bill at check out with Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards, debit cards and cash payments in Mexican pesos or US dollars.


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