Have you ever wished you could change your vacation to another time of year to plan a family get-together or a graduation surprise for your children? With Signature Flexibility you have the freedom to plan your vacation time to suit your changing needs.

Available to Platinum members, Signature Flexibility offers the best of both worlds: the guarantee of a fixed week and unit and the flexibility of Points. Each year you have the option to choose whether you want to stay in your unit during the fixed week you own as you have always done in the past or deposit your week in the Signature Flexibility program in exchange for an allotment of Points. Signature Points can be used in a variety of ways, for example to stay at a different time of year, extend a vacation or change the size or location of units.

You can take advantage of extended deposit windows that enable you to deposit your fixed week up to six months in advance.

You can also decide to bank your Signature Points to use at a later date or borrow them from next year. And they can be converted into RCI Points for international exchange purposes.

There’s another new and exciting way to use Signature Points, Signature Marketplace (see related article). As a Platinum member all you have to do is to convert your Points to Marketplace Points in order to use them to book flights, hotels and international travel services available in the Signature Marketplace.

Signature Flexibility is exclusively for Signature Club Platinum members. There are no service charges for using the Signature Flexibility program.


One of our Platinum members shares his Points experience

Michael T. enrolled in the Signature Club as a Platinum member a little over a year ago and tells us how it has been working for him.

“There was a lot of debate around the time I enrolled about whether there was enough benefit in the system to enroll, and I wondered too what parts of the program I’d find most useful.  Well, a little over a year into it for us, and I’ve really only used the flexibility portion of it for internal trades with points.  And it’s been working quite well for us!

Shortly after we enrolled in Jan 2014, I wanted to split my Week 1 in 2015 so we could stay two weeks.  As the program was very new and had low inventory, it took a few calls, and a few weeks to complete the deposit and reservation, but we got exactly what we wanted, and stayed 2 weeks in January 2015, without any issue, exchange fees, trying to find renters, and/or rental units.  Very easy!

Knowing that in 2015/2016 we would not use our Week 52 B Side, or Week 1 Villa (family really wanted to spend the holidays with us- or really our 4 year old!), we deposited for points again.  As luck would have it, a job change gave us the ability to spend some more vacation time now.  So I thought, well let’s see what we can get with these points.  So this time when I looked for what I could

reserve, I was immediately able to confirm reservations for several weeks in April.  Adding in a couple of cheap AC certificates from II, and we easily reserved 5 consecutive weeks at The Royal Haciendas.  I was very pleased with how easy it was to book exactly what we wanted.

So, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve been able to utilize the program so far.  I’ve definitely been able to extend our stays with no additional cost (just trading for rooms / suites instead of full villas).

Of course, now I’ll never be able to stay for only one week again … it goes by so fast!”