Thirty Year Girl

Congratulations go out to Mirna Pech, the Royal Resorts Executive Housekeeper who is celebrating 30 years with the company. Originally from Sotuta in Yucatan, Mirna began her career at Club Internacional de Cancun when she was 15, and her first job was as a maid assigned to the villas in building 5. The years passed and Mirna worked her way up the corporate ladder as a Maid Supervisor, Assistant Housekeeper, Housekeeper and finally Executive Housekeeper in 2002.

Mirna loves her job and says, “Time flies when you enjoy what you do. I am proud to work for Royal Resorts, where I have been able to learn so much from the people around me.” Mirna now manages a team of 500 employees and has instilled her enthusiasm and passion for her job in them. She truly is a distinguished member of the Royal Resorts family.