If you always pencil in some Spa time on your vacation and love to relax with a massage, then be sure to try the new Thai Samunprai or Hot Poultice massage on your next trip.

Legend has it that Siamese soldiers in the 14th century were treated with hot poultice massages to help relax their minds and bodies after returning from battle and this 90-minute therapy certainly works wonders on tense and aching muscles.

Cloth bags filled with medicinal herbs including mint, chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and camphor salts are heated with steam and applied to the body as a poultice, also known as a Pindas or compress. The heat opens the skin’s pores and transmits warmth deep into the muscles, giving relief and a comforting sensation as the fragrance of the herbs clears the head and restores balance.

The poultice is combined with stretching and a gentle massage with lavender oil to eradicate tension and muscle pain.

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