On December 9, representatives of the Cancún Beach project met with Royal Resorts management and we are pleased to inform you that beach restoration work will take place at The Royal Sands between December 16 and 21.

Preparations begin at the resort on December 12 with the removal of the palapas, sun beds and any other obstructions on the beach in order for the 12-meter-long pipes to be assembled and heavy machinery moved into place. The tentative date for pumping to begin at The Royal Sands is December 16 and engineers hope to complete the 300 meters of beach the night of December 18. The sand will then be leveled and the pipes removed the night of December 21. Work will continue round the clock and during this time the area of beach being restored will also be cordoned off for safety reasons.

When asked about The Royal Mayan, The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander, a Cancún Beach project spokesman commented that they are located on the stretch of shoreline most affected by erosion (Le Meridien to The Royal Islander) and where the beach is currently at its narrowest. As a consequence, engineers expect work to take longer throughout this stage, and that is without taking into account the time spent moving the heavy machinery and pipes into place. The estimated dates for the 700 meters of beach from The Royal Mayan to The Royal Islander are January 6 to January 10 (night) for sand to be pumped from the dredgers and January 15 (night) for the pipes to be removed.

The aforementioned dates are tentative; the project spokesman commented that there may be a delay of one or two days, however, we are sure that you will agree that this is excellent news. Stay posted for further updates and photos as work takes place.