For the last couple of weeks, the IT and Media teams at Royal Resorts have been working on improving the service provided by the webcams in our resorts finding ways to stream live video instead of photos. You probably had the chance to watch the live feed on Royal Resorts’ Youtube Channel or The Official Royal Resorts Facebook Page

However, the passing of Hurricane Delta and Zeta damaged both cameras at The Royal Sands.  New cameras have been purchased and will be here in the next few weeks and we will work diligently to set them up to stream live video directly from The Royal Sands.

Improving the webcams for our members and guests is one of our top priorities as we know they are a favorite feature for everyone. We hope that everyone enjoys the live feed and if so, we will work on setting up this feature at all of the other resorts soon thereafter.

Let us know what you think about live webcams in the comments section. 

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you to your home away from home very soon.