The Royal Resorts Signature Club offers you Signature Flexibility, the only program in the world that allows you to keep your fixed week and exchange it for Points when it suits your needs. You enjoy the best of both worlds.

Never give up on the week that you know and love! Simply add the benefits of Signature Flexibility and decide when to use them.

How it works

Each year you decide whether you want to use your fixed week for vacation time with family and friends just as you always have in the past or deposit it in the Signature Flexibility program for an allocation of Points. Use your Points to plan a vacation at a different time of year, extend your stay, plan mini breaks, change the size or the location of your unit or any combination thereof. You can deposit the full villa, the one-bedroom suite or the lock off depending on your needs and travel plans. It’s your choice to make your Royal Resorts experience whatever you want it to be.

In less than one year, the Royal Resorts Signature Club has received 458 deposits from Platinum members and successfully made 141 customized vacation reservations. So go ahead and create a vacation that fits you perfectly with Signature Flexibility.

Signature Flexibility is available for Platinum Signature Club members only.