One of the most significant trends seen in the travel industry in recent years is multigenerational family travel. More and more families travel together every year with grandparents accompanying their children and grandchildren on vacation to tropical beach playgrounds, cruises around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, safaris and trips to Europe, Mexico and other favorite destinations.

The secret is to find a location that offers something for everyone: the beach, water and adventure parks for the children, shopping, culture, art appreciation, painting or cooking classes for the ladies and golf or fishing for dad and granddad.

The Mexican Caribbean certainly fits the bill. There’s something here to interest everyone in the family. Basking in the sun and playing on the beach one day to tours of Mayan temples and snorkeling the next. The whole family can enjoy a day at Xcaret, learn the secrets of the Mexican kitchen during a cooking class and embark on a cruise across the bay to Isla Mujeres.

Royal Resorts is no stranger to multigenerational vacations. Many of our members enjoy family gatherings with up to four different generations spending precious time together.