If you enjoying discovering the many facets of Mexican cuisine, one of the most varied in the world, why not sample some traditional Yucatecan cooking during your next vacation? You’ll find that recipes prepared in the Yucatan Peninsula are very different from the dishes you are already acquainted with. Although they are based upon the three staples of the Mexican kitchen – corn, beans and chiles – the flavors are quite distinctive, all down to a blend of native herbs combined with spices, fruit and other ingredients from Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean. All is revealed on Wednesdays at Cayo Largo Restaurant in The Royal Islander when our local chef cooks up cochinita pibil (marinated roast pork), salbutes (popular snack of corn tortillas topped with shredded chicken), frijol con puerco (pork and beans), sopa de lima (lime soup) and more. And for those who cannot resist the fiery taste of Yucatan’s very own chile, the habanero, there will be plenty of salsa on request!