The brand new Signature Marketplace benefit gives Gold, Platinum and President’s Circle members even more flexibility to use their Fixed Weeks and Points (Elite Credits for President’s Circle members). Through Signature Marketplace, you can now use Points or Elite Credits to purchase flights, car rentals and stays at hotels around the world, including leading brands, and book on-site services and specials at Royal Resorts.

International Travel
With Signature Marketplace, as a Gold, Platinum and President’s Circle member you can search for flights, rent cars, select hotels and tour packages and purchase them with Marketplace Points or Credits. Incredible accommodation and travel experiences are available and there’s something for every interest, from mini breaks to Florida or New York, trips to Italy or France, African safaris and beach getaways to tropical Mexico, the Caribbean, Bali and Thailand.
To get started you need to load your account with Marketplace Points or Credits and then use the Accommodation, Air, Cars and Activities tabs to search for travel services.
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More Fun at Royal Resorts
Through the Signature Marketplace, you can also use Marketplace Points to purchase Royal Resorts products and plan something special for your next Royal vacation. Options include Spa pampering, romantic dinners, booking airport transportation, the REFINE All-Inclusive package and Thomas More Travel experiences.

Using Marketplace Points or Credits
Marketplace Points or Credits work exactly like cash so when you find a hotel or package you like in the Signature Marketplace you can purchase it using the Points or Credits in your account. If you don’t have enough Points or Credits to complete the transaction, you can pay with your credit card or use a combination of both.

How to Access Signature Marketplace
To access Signature Marketplace simply log in to your account at, click on the Signature Marketplace link, and browse through the website.

To start shopping you need to first load your accounts with Points or Credits. To do so, download the Deposit or Transfer Form, fill it out and email it to Once the week deposit or point/credit transfer has been confirmed to you, you are ready to start shopping!