The Signature Marketplace gives Platinum and President’s Circle even more travel choices. They can search for flights, rent cars, select hotels and tour packages on and purchase them with Marketplace Points (Marketplace Credits for President’s Circle members).

Marketplace Points can also be used to purchase Royal Resorts products and plan something special for an upcoming Royal vacation. Options include Spa pampering, romantic dinners, booking airport transportation, the REFINE All-Inclusive package and Thomas More Travel experiences.

In order to shop in the Signature Marketplace, members must convert their Signature Points into Marketplace Points. Once this has been confirmed and their account is full of Points, they are ready to start shopping. When they find a hotel or package they like in the Signature Marketplace they can purchase it using the Points in their account. If they don’t have enough Points to complete the transaction, they can pay with their credit card or use a combination of both.

Join the Signature Club

If you haven’t already joined the Royal Resorts Signature Club, schedule a meeting with a Signature Club representative during your next vacation. Find out about the many benefits that this exclusive program offers you and your family. In addition to traveling the world, it offers you a way to pay your Club Service Fee and gives you flexibility to plan your Royal Resorts stays.

If you are already a Signature Club member and would like to upgrade your membership to Platinum to take advantage of Signature Flexibility and other exclusive benefits please contact Signature Club Member Services.