When you join the Royal Resorts Signature Club you are automatically enrolled in RCI, the world’s largest vacation exchange network comprising nearly 4,500 hotels, resorts and vacation homes in 100 countries. Your RCI affiliation is complimentary for the first two years of Signature Club membership, after which you pay an annual RCI fee.


RCI Weeks

You can trade your Royal Resorts week through RCI Weeks to stay at another resort of your choice in a variety of leading beach playgrounds, historic cities and natural wonders around the world. Whether you are planning a ski break in the Rocky Mountains, a family vacation in Florida, a Grand Tour of Europe, a golfing getaway on Scotland’s famous courses or an escape to the sun in the Caribbean, Mexico or the South Pacific, RCI Weeks has plenty of options to choose from.

To get started, browse the online resort directory at www.rci.com and check availability for your preferred travel dates before depositing your week.

If you trade your week for another week with a lower trading power value your left over trading power is returned to you as a Deposit Credit that you can use towards a second vacation.

Another option is to trade up by depositing multiple weeks and combining them and/or any Deposit Credits you might have for greater trading power. By doing this, you can trade into a resort that may have been out of your reach before, or vacation at a different time of year.

With RCI Weeks you can also exchange your week or Deposit Credit for a cruise. Thousands of cruises are available on all the world’s major routes.

You can deposit weeks in RCI Weeks two years before you wish to travel and up to 14 days before the start date of your interval. Depositing your week earlier gives you more trading power, more vacation options and of course, more time to plan.

When your exchange is accepted, you pay a preferential exchange fee, which is lower than that charged to regular RCI members.


RCI Points

Signature Club Platinum members choose on an annual basis whether they want to use their fixed week at Royal Resorts or deposit it in exchange for Signature Points. If you decide that you would like to travel somewhere different one year, you can convert your Signature Points into RCI Points and use them worldwide (RCI exchange fees apply).

With RCI Points, you decide where and when you wish to travel and the type of unit accommodation you are going to need. You can save Points over several years or even borrow them from the next year. Points can also be used to purchase cruise vacations and other services.

Another advantage of RCI Points is that you can see how much trading power you have and the number of Points you will receive for your week before depositing it in the exchange program. Once you have found a resort you can check the number of Points you need to complete the exchange before actually making the decision to deposit.

You can search for resorts listed exclusively in the RCI Points network or use your Points to stay at properties in the RCI Weeks online directory.



Through Signature Exchange members also have access to Extra Vacations Getaways and Last Call Vacations worldwide available through RCI without exchanging any of their weeks.