Signature Lifestyle Collection offers members endless choices, great value and savings for their online shopping needs.

Members can save money on everyday purchases such as wine, electronics and household appliances, jewelry and whenever they book travel services such as hotels and cruises.

By using the Signature Lifestyle Collection instead of other online agencies to book cruises or hotels for family and business trips around the world members get best value guarantees, savings and earn cash back too.

Platinum members earn four times more cash back than Silver members and up to 35% cash back on hotel reservations worldwide.

Many members have discovered that it only takes a couple of purchases through Signature Lifestyle Collection to earn enough cash back to cover their annual Club Service Fee. To date, Signature Club members have received on average US$85 cash back per transaction or 19 percent of the total price paid. Some members have earned Cash back equivalent to up to 76 percent of the purchase price on certain items and services.