There are tempting treats in store when Royal Uno All Inclusive Resort & Spa opens in February 2022. From poolside pizzas, classic favorites and world cuisine to Mexican, Italian and Asian dishes, get ready to enjoy flavors for everyone in the family. Here’s a sneak peek at the Royal Uno dining scene. 


A taste of the real Mexico, Palotinte® pays tribute to this nation’s extraordinary culinary heritage and of gathering to share a delicious meal and unforgettable moments. 

A world of flavors awaits diners, with the eternal trio of corn, agave and chili at the center, the food and drink of gods and mortals. Traditional recipes from all over the country passed down through families: this is the heart and soul of Mexico expressed through artisanal flavors, history and customs. 

There is a saying in Mexico “Mi mesa es su mesa,” “my table is your table,” and an evening at Palotinte celebrates the time-honored tradition of hospitality. Diners are greeted with a welcome agua de la casa, a refreshing fruit-flavored drink, and a chef’s appetizer of fresh bread, cream cheese and mole negro sauce before they make their meal choices. The menu features everything from tacos and tampiqueña steak to cochinita pibil and a colorful quartet of enchiladas with mole sauces. Handmade tortillas are even stamped with the restaurant’s seal and salsas made in a volcanic stone mortar or molcajete are served with every dish.


The family place at Royal Uno, Os® is an open kitchen concept where talented chefs dish up international favorites and recipes from all over the world. With stalls and show cooking stations, it has touches of a bustling food market, full of tempting smells and irresistible flavors. Traditional Mexican recipes, authentic Cancun flavors with a touch of the Caribbean and delicious world cuisine.

Os will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will also have theme nights cooking up more delicious dining experiences, such as Mediterranean Night, Caribbean Night and Thai-Indian Night.


An evening at Aora® restaurant is a journey to Asia’s timeless places and of delectable flavors in a setting full of peace and beauty. Celebrating the cuisines of Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand, the menu features a selection of makis, robata grilled dishes, bao, Cantonese beef, chicken satay and sweet and sour pork, among others. There are also special tables for enjoying teppanyaki and shabu-shabu show cooking. 


Miamare® is the essence of Italy on Caribbean shores. Dishes prepared with love and passion; the union of two nations in which family and celebrating the finer things in life are all. Enjoy the sun-drenched flavors of the Mediterranean with a Mexican twist. 

The a la carte menu is a delight. Pasta, locally sourced seafood and a selection of classic Italian dishes, including risotto, raviolis, saltimbocca and bistecca di manzo. Pizzas are cooked in a wood-burning oven and diners will be able to choose from a gourmet selection or create their own toppings combo. And gelato, tiramisu, panna cotta or cannoli are a heavenly way to end an unforgettable meal.  

Poolside dining 

A selection of family favorites for guests to enjoy poolside. The menu will feature seafood tacos and ceviche, burgers, wings, hot dogs and guests can order pizzas. For more snacks, there are food carts on the pool deck. 

Sports Bar

Fun, friendly and quirky, with tequila and mezcal mixology, music and tasty food, and traditional Mexican folk art accents in the decor, The Sports Bar is “the bar on the corner.” A gathering place that says, “welcome to Mexico,” it’s the place for enjoying munchies from a hearty gastropub menu, sports broadcasts with multiple screens, karaoke and live music. 

Star Bar

Located on the restaurant roof terrace overlooking the pool deck, this cool open-air bar is ideal for an evening with friends. The menu of bite-size gourmet seafood snacks, tostadas, tacos and ceviches is rich in Nikkei-Caribbean fusion flavors. Great signature cocktails, music and a DJ.