A longtime supporter of conservation campaigns in the Mexican Caribbean, Royal Resorts has taken on a role of environmental stewardship in recent years and is always looking for ways to make more efficient use of natural resources, save water and electricity, switch to eco friendly cleaning products and to reduce its carbon footprint. Here’s a rundown of important green initiatives underway at the resorts.

Using energy-efficient technology

In late 2010, 175 solar panels were installed on the roof at The Royal Sands and now supply 50 percent of the hot water needed by the resort’s 340 villas. Additional panels may be added in the future.

Heat exchangers have been installed in the air-conditioning systems to preheat the water for the villas, using energy more efficiently. Fluorescent/PL Energy saver bulbs have been used in the villas, walkways, corridors and offices at the resorts since 1994. LED lights were installed in the resort lobbies in 2011 and in the pool areas.

Standard TV sets in the villas have been replaced with LCD flat screen energy saving models, which use 40 percent less electricity.

The importance of recycling & switching to biodegradable alternatives

Over the years, Royal Resorts has switched many of its transactions online to reduce the use of paper and printing costs. It also recycles wherever possible and encourages guests and employees to do the same

There are recycling trashcans throughout the resorts and guests are invited to separate plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard waste and put it in a special bin in their villas. Behind the scenes, paper, cardboard and office supplies and the cooking oil used in the resort kitchens are also recycled. All waste suitable for recycling is collected and sold as “trash for cash” to raise money for the Royal Resorts Foundation’s charitable causes: conservation, education, the fight against cancer and employee emergency relief.

The use of straws, non-biodegradable polystyrene cups and take-out containers has been reduced in the resort pool and beach bars and reusable melamine plates and acrylic glasses are used wherever possible.

Biodegradable bags are used in the resort stores and shoppers are asked if they really need one. Eco friendly cloth bags are available for purchase. Even the resort magazines are printed on recycled paper.

Reducing the use of chemicals & conserving water

Where possible, cleaning products, polishes and varnishes used at the resorts are being substituted for environmentally friendly options. Ozone purification technology was installed to keep water in the swimming pools clean, reducing chlorine consumption by 40 percent. And by switching to colored towels, Royal Resorts was able to cut the use of bleach in the resort laundries.

Water-saving faucets and devices have been installed in villa bathrooms to reduce water consumption and resort guests are invited to help protect the planet and conserve water by not requesting a change of bed linens, towels and beach towels on a daily basis.

Royal gardens

From planting native species of trees at the Royal Haciendas and Grand Residences to composting organic kitchen waste and the use of eco friendly garden products wherever possible, our garden staff are going back to the land.

There are herb gardens outside the restaurant at The Royal Caribbean, The Royal Sands and at The Royal Haciendas. Chilies, tomatoes, radishes, chaya and herbs such as coriander, basil, oregano, marjoram and rosemary are grown organically in the small plots and there are citrus trees in the garden at The Royal Haciendas. Apart from providing fresh produce for the restaurants, the flowering herbs also attract bees and butterflies.

As part of a joint project by the Garden and Activities departments, a new botanical garden is planned for The Royal Cancun and will begin to take shape this fall. It forms part of a larger environmental awareness initiative at the resort with fun activities for children and families.

Protecting the beaches

Our employees take their turns in keeping the beautiful white sands of Cancun and the Riviera Maya pristine as part of an ongoing Beach Cleaning campaign at the resorts, and also by volunteering for beach clean ups in Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve.

Trash collected ranges from cigarette butts, plastic and polystyrene, bottles and cans left on the beach, seaweed and other waste that washes up on the shoreline.[

Spreading the word

Throughout the resorts departments collaborate to save water and electricity and hold regular meetings to discuss ideas and implement additional eco-friendly policies. A green team of staff has been trained to give environmental awareness workshops to their workmates and Royal Resorts employees are spreading the word about the need to protect the environment in the wider community.