Have you ever wondered where Royal Resorts buys all the magnificent plants you see in the resort gardens?

In commemoration of World Environment Day, the Human Development department invited Royal Resorts staff to participate in a small workshop where we learned more about the work that goes on in the gardens, how to propagate plants and take care of them.

Head Gardener at The Royal Sands Miguel showed us how to take care of plants and he certainly knows his stuff! All the plants you see at Royal Resorts are grown in greenhouses on site. He told us how they raise and propagate plants and keep the gardens looking beautiful. Now if you have ever had a garden you know that it is not easy and that sometimes the amount of work can be overwhelming!

The gardeners at Royal Resorts certainly do have green fingers and work their magic to produce the stunning displays of colorful plants and flowers that grace your home away from home.

At the end of the workshop, we were given a plant and made a commitment to look after it while also sharing the importance of taking care of the environment with our families and friends. By helping spread the message of environmental stewardship in the community we will persuade more people to join the campaign to protect our planet, after all it is our only home.

The next time you see gardeners at work in the resorts, an array of flowers in bright tropical colors or a plant that you love, just think that they were all lovingly nurtured in the resort greenhouses and how amazing that is!


New photos added from our friends at Human Development department. And also: this is me, so next time yo see me walking in the hall say Hi! 😀