Originally from Cenotillo near the colonial town of Izamal in the state of Yucatan, The Royal Cancun Duty Manager Rosa Dorantes moved to Cancun with her parents when she was a child. “Thirty years ago, Cancun was very different, she reminisces. Tourism was still in its early years and you could literally hang your hammock between two palm trees on the beach and spend your days there.”

Rosa studied a degree in Tourism and did her work experience at The Royal Caribbean. “I liked the family ambiance and working in a team, she says, and I wanted a career in Royal Resorts.” “As soon as I graduated I returned to work for the company, starting at The Royal Caribbean in 1994 as a Receptionist. When the opportunity arose to apply for the post of Duty Manager at The Royal Caribbean I did so and was promoted. In the years that followed, I was the Duty Manager at The Royal Islander, then The Royal Mayan, The Royal Sands and now I am at The Royal Cancun.”

“I love all the resorts, I don’t have a particular favorite, she adds. From The Royal Cancun to The Royal Caribbean where I started, each one has its own charms and I have made friends with members wherever I have worked.”

“The job of Duty Manager requires a spirit of service and we do everything we can to assist members and guests during their stay. I am always on the watch to see how I can help, and especially if they are elderly, have special needs or small children. I have learned a lot from our members over the years and there’s something new to study every day to see how we can improve our customer service. Offering excellent service is everything.”

“When I think I about the friends I have made here, Hurricane Wilma springs to mind, Rosa says.” “I went to the hurricane shelter in Region 96 to see what I could do to help. There was a little girl who was sick and my colleagues who were looking after members and guests at the school thought that she would be more comfortable at my house. I took 10 people into my home and they ended up staying with me until they were able to go back to the resorts. I returned to the shelter with a first aid kit and to help in any way I could.”

Rosa adds, “Something that makes me proud to be part of the Resort Operations Management Team is how we are able to contribute to the training of the employees who report to us, such as the Sports Desk staff. Several of them have had the opportunity to train in different departments and move up the career ladder thanks to their learning experience. They have become leaders in their own right.

“My message to Royal Resorts members is to thank them for all these years of friendship and the opportunity to learn from them. I look forward to welcoming them home for many years to come.” She concludes, “Working for Royal Resorts has given me the chance to grow professionally and to continue studying. The attention to detail, philosophy of excellence and teamwork make this a great company to be part of.”