The satisfaction of members and guests is of the utmost importance to us and our commitment is to always look for ways to improve our high standards of service and ensure that your vacation experience is one that you will always treasure.

Great emphasis is placed on training and the resorts have an active and varied program, which includes courses on customer service, technology and work-specific seminars. When the REFINE All-Inclusive program was implemented at The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas, all staff involved in the program took intensive courses and seminars in order to meet the new demands placed upon them.

Training was extended to The Royal Cancun prior to the launch of the package, with additional courses incorporated in the schedule based on the experiences at The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas. Training is still ongoing at all three resorts to overcome specific customer service challenges and improve the care given to members and guests.

Since the implementation of the REFINE All-Inclusive package at The Royal Sands, The Royal Haciendas, and at The Royal Cancun in 2014, additional staff have been hired to cover increased demand. For example, the Housekeeping department at The Royal Sands now has a team of 10 people assigned to the REFINE program and to take care of evening turndown, Sunday cleaning, suite inspections and other services. The situation is similar at The Royal Haciendas and The Royal Cancun although the numbers of staff vary from resort to resort.

The inspection process for villas and public areas is now even more rigorous to ensure optimum levels of cleanliness and maintenance.

The Restaurant Division has also recruited more staff and continues to hire additional waiters, bar tenders, chefs and cleaning personnel. It has implemented new procedures and expanded its training program to improve service, delivery and collection times.

Expenses associated with the REFINE All Inclusive package do not come out of the annual Club Service Fee. The REFINE program has a separate budget for hiring additional staff and other operating needs. It pays a resort fee of US$2.50 per All-Inclusive guest per day to Resort Operations to cover extra expenses generated by the program such as the evening turndown service and housekeeping service on Sundays, laundry (bathrobes, linens and towels) and the Kids Club. The resort also receives a Club Service Fee for the rental of each villa to cover the services included in the annual dues.

The feedback received from members and guests is invaluable as it helps all departments improve customer service, courtesy, quality and response times. It is carefully analyzed and shared with staff in order to identify areas in which service is deemed wanting and take the necessary steps to remedy it.