Supporting the Royal Resorts Foundation and donating to its conservation and community causes when you are back home is now easier than ever. Visit and use the new Online Donations tool. It’s quick and easy and you can choose which program you would like to help, whether that’s conservation of the Mayan Jungle, education for needy children at the Mano Amiga School at the Ciudad de la Alegría in Cancún, the fight against cancer or the emergency relief fund for employees.

In other news, as of February 13, US$68,465 had been raised for the charitable causes supported by the Royal Resorts Foundation.  We would like to thank all Royal Resorts members, guests and staff who have already made a donation for their generosity, compassion and enthusiasm.

The new online donations tool on the website is for international donors. If you are on vacation in Cancún or Playa del Carmen and would like to make a contribution, there are collection boxes at the Front Desk  in your resort and you can also add a donation when you pay your Club bill at the end of your stay.  Participate in weekly recycling art, finger painting sessions and other activities and special events organized in support of the Foundation. Finally, you can donate to the Royal Resorts Foundation when you pay the annual Club Service Fee.

Recent fundraising events organized at the resorts include a concert and a raffle, which raised money for a little girl suffering from a life-threatening illness, and the sale of commemorative Foundation t-shirts and a Christmas Fair at The Royal Haciendas. A used clothing and shoe drive donated garments to the Ciudad de la Alegría for children, old age pensioners and hospital patients. More activities and fundraisers are planned this year.

Thanks to donations from the Royal Resorts Foundation during 2011-2012, an entire class of girls at the Mano Amiga School was able to study third grade.

In 2012, with the support of the Royal Resorts Foundation, another local resort chain, CONAFOR and Aguakan, Amigos de Sian Ka’an was also able to make the first environmental services payments to communities and ejidatarios or small farmers in northern Quintana Roo to preserve areas of forest rich in wildlife and water sources for posterity.  The long-term goal is to create wildlife corridors linking biosphere reserves and national parks to provide a respite for beleaguered species like the jaguar and other wild cats such as the puma and ocelot, which are increasingly hemmed into diminishing islands of forest, bringing them into conflict with ranchers. The first beneficiaries were Ejido Juarez and San Mateo Ake near El Eden Reserve.

Visit for more news on our fund-raising activities and to see how you can support the cause.

Remember that you can help change lives and protect the area’s rich natural heritage for future generations, please give generously.