Interval Servicing has a new contactless multipayment option for you to use to pay your Club Service Fee. ISCO Scan & Pay is accessible via a QR code and online. Use your mobile phone or your computer, it is quick, easy, convenient and secure.

You can use it to pay the Club Service Fee for one or multiple contracts with one single credit card transaction, direct debit or Royal Resorts Rewards.

Scan the QR code on your electronic or printed bill to pay all your Royal Resorts Club Service Fees with one transaction.
• Select the contract(s) to pay
• Select the payment method (credit card, direct debit or Royal Resorts Rewards)
• Select the payment type, enter your information and click the Apply button once
• Automatic email confirmation
• Use your computer or mobile phone
• No additional fees, user password or apps to download.

For more information visit the Interval Servicing website