When you come to the Mexican Caribbean you have the opportunity to learn not just one but two new languages: Spanish and Maya, the language spoken throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Stay posted for our weekly pointers.


Spanish: Hola
Maya: Oola

How are you?
Spanish: Cómo estas? or Qué tal?
Maya: Ba’ax ka wa’alik
(bah’ahsh ka wah ahl eek)

I’m fine
Spanish: Estoy bien
Maya: Ma’alob

Spanish: Adios
Maya: Tak sáamal
(tahk saahm-ahl)

Word of the week:

This is a word used collectively to describe the Mexican finger food such as tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and tamales we all know and love so much. The verb ‘antojar’ means to crave.