In this section we take a look at tourism in the world and in Mexico, changing travel trends and new vacation concepts that are growing in popularity.

After years of recession, global tourism is on the rise, growing five percent in 2013 according to statistics released by the UN World Tourism Organization, after topping the one billion mark in 2012. International tourism arrivals worldwide are expected to increase by 3.8 percent per year through to 2030.

Globally, tourism is a force for socioeconomic development; it creates jobs, businesses and improvements in infrastructure. It generates 9 percent of the world’s GDP and 8.7 percent of all its jobs (102 million people).

China is now the top nation in terms of travel spending and other important new source markets for travelers also include Russia and Brazil. The world’s middle class is expected to double by 2030, mainly in emerging economies and this means 1.5 billion more people eager to explore.

Travel habits are changing too with the millennial generation traveling more frequently, spending more and often going further in search of unique experiences. Other groups with less time and a larger income are also taking shorter trips but more often.

While many travelers demand old-style luxury, others are in search of unforgettable experiences that bring them into contact with nature or different cultures.