Grand Residences is at the forefront of new travel technology trends and is always looking for ways to enhance the vacation experience of owners and guests. Starting in 2015, it will be adopting smart bracelet technology, installing webcams in the Kids’ and Teens’ Club and supplying parents with tablets that they can use to monitor their children’s wellbeing during the day.


With one smart bracelet, guests will be able to gain access to the floor where their residence is located and open the door; not only that, they will also be able to charge for their meals and drinks, spa therapies and other purchases with a flick of a wrist. No more key cards or wallets to carry around during their stay at the resort!

Parents who enroll their children in the Kids’ or Teens’ Club will be issued with a complimentary tablet they can use to view secure, real-time webcam footage of their children and check how they are doing as they participate in supervised activities during the day. This new technology gives children the space that they need and parents real peace of mind so that they can sit back and relax.