Turtle nesting season continues with as many as six turtles coming ashore to leave their precious eggs at The Royal Sands on September 9. The September 10 tally of nests at The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander stands at 279 nests with 32,803 eggs and at The Royal Sands there are 214 nests with 24,823 eggs.

To date, 24,294 baby turtles have been released on the beach at night, witnessed by members and guests. Many more will hatch in the weeks to come.

Twenty minutes to the south in Grand Residences, the latest report is of 69 nests and 3,162 hatchlings released.

In other parts of the Riviera Maya, representatives of the Playa del Carmen turtle protection committee announced in early August that 1,559 nests have already been registered. In Cozumel, the island Ecology Department is reporting an 18 percent increase in the number of nests when compared to the 2014 season and by September the tally stood at 5,000. In Tulum, the nests totaled over 300 in August and on the stretch of coast protected by the Xcacel Turtle Sanctuary more than 3,000 nests had already been tagged. This is more evidence that the 2015 nesting season is a busy one in the Mexican Caribbean, in 2014, 1,500 nests were recorded in Xcacel.

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(Source of Riviera Maya turtle figures: Novedades)