We are delighted to inform you that the sea turtles have begun to arrive on the beaches at Royal Resorts. Last night, May 31, 2011 three green turtles emerged from the sea to lay their eggs in the sand in front of The Royal Caribbean in Cancún. The evening’s tally for the three nests was 422 eggs and our security guards moved them to the safety of the turtle enclosure where they will hatch in 45 to 60 days.

July 6 update

We have some wonderful news for you! We welcomed our first 96 baby turtles to the world at The Royal Caribbean on Wednesday, July 6. Royal Resorts members and guests helped our security staff release them and then watched as they scuttled towards the waves to begin life at sea. We wish them Godspeed and hope that in 15 years they may return to the beach to lay their own eggs.

We are also delighted to announce that there are already 96 nests in the enclosure at The Royal Caribbean and a total of 11,680 eggs. The tally at The Royal Sands stands at 61 nests and 7,199 eggs.

Stay posted for more turtle news during the season.

June 2, 2011 update: We have just heard that the turtles are also now arriving on the beach in the vicinity of The Royal Sands; last night three nests were detected and have been moved to the resort corral.

It is always a joy to receive news of our rare summer visitors from the sea and we hope that many more will come ashore during the season to nest on the very same beaches where they themselves may have been born many years ago.

Remember the Turtle Rules
If you are lucky enough to see a turtle nesting on the beach at night during your summer vacation by all means watch this incredible natural spectacle from a distance but please follow these guidelines:

* Alert the security staff.
* Be very quiet and keep still
* Watch from a distance of five meters and do not attempt to touch the turtle or crowd her.
* Do not shine a torch in her direction or use your flash when taking pictures.
• If you are staying in a beachfront villa or room, turn the terrace lights off at night and close the curtains. Bright lights disorientate turtles.
* No smoking
• If the turtle is frightened by loud noises, people and bright lights, she will leave the beach without nesting and lay her eggs in the water, thus losing the entire clutch (90 to 110 eggs).
* If you and your children attend one of the turtle releases later in the summer and help set the hatchlings free, follow the instructions given by resort staff. Keep quiet and please refrain from using your flash to take pictures.
• If you go snorkeling in the Cancún area or the Riviera Maya, please use biodegradable suntan lotion and shower before entering the sea to rinse it off. Oils and chemicals are harmful to turtles and other marine life. Wear a t-shirt while snorkeling to protect you from the sun.
Do not litter, plastic bags floating in the water are lethal for turtles as they mistake them for jellyfish, one of their food sources.
• If you see a turtle while snorkeling or diving, do not approach it, make a noise or abrupt movements, chances are this peaceful creature may swim right past you!

Under Mexican law it is illegal to persecute and hunt sea turtles or steal their eggs.

Stay posted for more turtle news from Royal Resorts and the Mexican Caribbean in the months to come.