It’s the moment we have all been waiting for at the Royal Resorts, the sight of our first baby turtles of the season. Around 150 have hatched in the last few hours at The Royal Sands and will be released tonight to begin life at sea.
The latest statistics received show a tally of 42 nests in the corral at The Royal Sands and 94 at The Royal Mayan, Caribbean and Islander. The majority of our turtle visitors to date have been green turtles and last night one of them laid 192 eggs.
The Cancun Beach Recovery Trust recently commissioned a project to level the sand shelf that had formed along parts of the Cancun shoreline over the past few months and we are happy to report a considerable increase in turtle nesting activity since the work was completed. As turtles can lay eggs three to five times during the season, we hope to welcome many more this year. Stay posted for more news about our special summer visitors.