Time flies by when you’re in paradise.

It feels like just yesterday when we welcomed our first members at

ww.royalreservations.com/club-internacional-cancun.asp” target=”_blank”>The Royal Cancun, then known as the Club Internacional de Cancun. As the years went by, our Royal Family kept growing and we are now over 85,000 members and counting! As our 35th anniversary approaches, we’d like to hear your many stories. Send us your favorite pictures and videos along with a caption or short story at royalresorts35@royalresorts.com before February 2013 so that we can include them in our 35 Anniversary Yearbook. You can also publish your photos on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and tag them with “#royalresorts35” so we can see them.

We’ll be happy to hear from you! 🙂

Here are some of the photos and stories that Royal Resorts Members have sent:

“My partner and I are rather newbies when it comes to belonging to the RR family. We own wk 38 at Royal Cancun (VCI) and wk 39 at the Sands. This was our third year at the Royals. We love the relaxed, romantic ambiance at VCI and the more hectic atmosphere at the Sands. Thanks Royal Resorts for spoiling us rotten each year!” – John K

“My first visit to Cancun was on my honeymoon with a past wife. When we saw The Mayan while under construction along with the beach there was no question as to where I wanted to vacation. The second phase of my annual vacation came about many years later with the love of my life, Brenda. Her first visit was an exchange into The Islander where we meet Yvette W, our host. We just clicked with Yvette and purchased our second villa for around the Thanksgiving interval. After a few enjoyable years the at the Mayan, the Sands was under construction. Again, Yvette found us a Sands unit with back to back weeks, 38 & 39 in the same unit that we enjoy every year to this day.” – Mike and Brenda L

Royal Resorts Members Craig and Donna C shared these photos of The Royal Cancun, taken in 1985!