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With shining floors so clean that you could eat your lunch off them, the machine houses at the resorts are a wonder to visiting engineers and the pride and joy of the staff that man them. A bewildering maze of pipes, boilers, tanks, cooling towers and pumps, this is where power is generated, the central air-conditioning is controlled and water is purified. Water for the villas is also preheated using heat exchangers installed in the air-conditioning systems to use energy more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

Each resort has a reverse osmosis plant to filter and purify water from the resort’s wells and the system provides 80 percent of the water consumed on site, meaning that less water is drawn from the city grid.

The reverse osmosis process is constantly monitored and the company chemist analyzes water samples on a daily basis to ensure that the quality of the water meets international standards. Guests can drink the water straight from the tap; no boiling or water purification drops required!

The Machine House department also comprises the Maintenance staff that keep the public areas and your villas in top condition, fixing everything from dripping taps and leaking pipes to replacing cracked tiles, aluminum door frames and applying new coats of paint or varnish.


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A team of 350 employees led by the Executive Housekeeper works in the Royal Resorts Housekeeping department. This division includes the maids who attend to your villa every year, staff responsible for cleaning the walkways and guest bathrooms, employees in the resort laundries and the housekeeping storeroom where supplies of towels, linens, cleaning materials and replacement electrical appliances are kept ready to be dispatched when needed.

In recent years, the Housekeeping department has embraced the Going Green program implemented at the resorts, always looking for ways to protect the planet and conserve natural resources. The steps taken to date include substituting many cleaning products for environmentally friendly alternatives, changing policies and inviting guests to participate in the Going Green campaign by not requesting clean towels and bed linens on a daily basis.


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With their shining stainless steel counters, cold chambers, huge ovens and grills, the restaurant kitchens are a hive of activity. Vegetables and fruit are chopped and grated at high speed, meat, fish and chicken sizzle on the grill and sauces are seasoned to taste, before the final dishes are plated up under the eagle eye of the chef.

Bread, pastries and some of the cakes on the restaurant menus are prepared in the Bakery and Pastry Kitchen at the Royal Resorts Commissary, which also turns out 2,000 staff meals a day.

All the Royal Restaurants have the prestigious Distintivo H from the Mexican Tourism Board awarded for excellent food storage, handling and kitchen hygiene standards.

Ranging from the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef to the Chefs for each particular restaurant, cooks, stewards, warehouse staff to Restaurant Managers, wait staff, barmen, cashiers and administrative staff, 870 people work in the Food & Beverages Department. Training is top priority and courses range from improving service and the dining experience and fine-tuning language skills to the world of wines.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]



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