Andrea Mendoza moved to Cancun from Mexico City 15 years ago and joined Royal Resorts two and a half years ago. As Sustainability Team Coordinator, she organizes the annual schedule, coordinates initiatives proposed by team members at monthly meetings, offers logistical support and also imparts some of the seminars.

Andrea says, “My greatest satisfaction to date has been to share information with employees during our seminars and to learn something from them in each one. I have also seen how my team members have grown over the year and have more confidence when they give courses. I think that our talks have really helped raise awareness and the interest of the staff and some of them have told us how they are now taking action in their own homes and communities by saving water, recycling and making compost or seeking advice in situations of domestic violence or for health problems.

“I learned so much about the state of Quintana Roo from the seminar we gave on its natural and cultural heritage and its economy. Cancun is only 45 years old and the majority of the inhabitants come from other parts of Mexico and are only just putting down roots; this puts many of the issues we see in the city into perspective”.

She adds, “I haven’t heard of another resort group in the area that has such a detailed training program as ours or one that covers all aspects of sustainable development: social responsibility, environmental and corporate (quality in the workplace) actions. Our goal is to continue spreading the Sustainability message through seminars and activities in which we can put all that we have learned into practice to protect the environment, be better citizens and improve our work performance, for the good of our company, families and the community.”