The 2010 Advisory Council reports and financial statements are now available online. The Advisory Council meetings took place in Cancún, October 18 – 22 and once the reports are compiled, they are reviewed by a number of departments to ensure accuracy before being published.

The reports are also included in the printed and electronic editions of Royal Resorts Life, the annual magazine for Royal Resorts members, both of which will be available in December.

Before consulting the Advisory Council report for your resort, we recommend that you read the General Introduction as it discusses the economic factors taken into account when preparing the budgets and assessing the Club Service Fee. It also mentions the interesting presentation on Mexican tourism given at the General Meeting by guest speaker Carolina Cárdenas, Under Secretary for Tourism Planning in Mexico.

The reports and financial statements for The Royal Mayan, The Royal Caribbean, The Royal Islander and The Royal Sands include details of the improvements completed at the resorts during 2010, the purchases and projects approved for 2011 and the income statements.

The resort operating budgets for The Royal Cancun and The Royal Haciendas are also included.

  • The Royal Mayan
  • The Royal Caribbean / The Royal Islander
  • The Royal Sands / The Royal Cancun / The Royal Haciendas