Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Royal Resorts Training and Human Development department gives employees the tools they need to grow and progress in the workplace, and in their lives. Here’s a look at the most important programs it offers.

Adult Education Program

One of the leading companies in the state of Quintana Roo and in Mexico in the field of adult education, Royal Resorts has received a number of accolades for its work over the years. Employees who were unable to complete their high school education when they were younger due to economic hardship, difficult family circumstances, illness or other reasons are given the opportunity to continue their studies in the workplace. CONEVyT, the National Council of Education for Life & Work, and INEA (National Institute of Adult Education) have paid tribute to the company and its teachers on several occasions, recognizing the company’s commitment to the education of its staff.

Around 150 staff are currently enrolled in adult education courses and in 2013, 42 completed their primary or secondary studies. To date, 1,700 certificates have been presented to staff members who have gone through this program.

Support for Further Education

Royal Resorts supports staff that want to continue their education to postgraduate level and has forged a relationship with the Cancún campus of Anahuac University. Employees wishing to study a part-time postgraduate diploma or a Master’s degree in this institution may apply for a special scholarship with a 50 percent discount on course fees.

English Classes

Royal Resorts staff can take English classes during the day; pursuing courses custom-designed for their particular area, and fine-tune their speaking skills by practicing with members and guests. Some 450 employees are currently studying English and there are daily classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students in addition to workshops for specific departments such as Guest Services, Restaurants, Housekeeping, Security, the Resort Stores and Food & Beverages.

Computer Workshops

Computer workshops also keep staff up to date with the latest developments in technology for the workplace and for those who do not normally use computers in their work it is a chance to learn new skills. On average, 150 employees take computer classes every month in four computer labs at the resorts. This March, all employees took a Google Apps primer course to familiarize them with the new platform used at Royal Resorts.

Customer Service & Specialized Training

Royal Resorts is always looking for ways to improve its services and ensure that members and guests have an incredible vacation experience and the Training Program includes specialized courses and seminars on customer service, new products, technology and changing hospitality trends, among others. Specific departments also arrange technical courses and seminars for their staff focusing on new services, techniques and other initiatives so that they can meet and overcome specific customer service challenges.

Additional Staff Training

During the year, the Human Development department arranges a series of training courses on important topics for specific departments, health and safety workshops and seminars on service, leadership, team work and motivation to give employees the tools they need to grow and progress in the workplace, and in their lives.

In 2013, on average every month 3,160 employees used Human Development department services, including courses, classes and other training events. Examples of courses given include goal setting, interpersonal relationships workshop, prevention of domestic violence, addictions prevention workshop and altruism, importance of giving back to the community.

Royal Resorts Training staff and teachers took a course on new training techniques offered by the Mexican Labor & Social Security Ministry earlier this year and are now certified instructors.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Royal Resorts takes its role of environmental stewardship very seriously and has implemented green policies and measures to protect the environment and save natural resources across the company. This work also includes raising environmental awareness with the goal of turning staff into conservation crusaders in the workplace, at home and in the community.

In 2013, 15 members of staff were given in-depth training on environmental issues to qualify them to give workshops on aspects of sustainability, conservation and social responsibility to their colleagues. This Sustainability Group is now spreading the message through seminars on topics such as:

Environmental education, saving water and electricity, mental health, gender equality in the workplace, importance of education, “green” shopping and good citizenship.

Healthy Lifestyle

In 2013, the Human Development department launched a health and wellbeing program. During the year, teams of doctors visit the resorts to give talks and testing sessions to staff in the areas of ophthalmology, dental health, breast and prostate cancer and osteoporosis.

This initiative has been expanded in 2014 with a healthcare and nutrition program. A team of dietitians is visiting the resorts every month to give seminars to staff on the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, the dangers posed by obesity and the excessive consumption of sugar, salt, fat and alcohol. After the sessions, staff can stay to be weighed, get a personalized diet plan based on the results and chat with a dietitian, all with the goal of getting down to their optimum weight during the year (they are charged a small monthly fee for this service).

The dietitians also reviewed the menus in the staff cafes at the resorts and, based upon their recommendations, more salads, vegetarian options and other healthy options have been added. Posters and tent cards educate staff about optimum portion sizes, recommended foods and the dangers of too much sugar and salt in the diet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Cross Training

Through the Cross Training program, staff have the opportunity to learn about different areas of the company, gaining experience and an invaluable insight into day-to-day operations in other parts of the company.

In 2013, 255 employees spent time in different departments and almost 50 were promoted after participating in the cross training program.

Work Experience for Students

Royal Resorts has a training program for tourism and hospitality management students at Cancún colleges and universities throughout Mexico.

Local people lacking the experience they need to find work can also apply for a 30-day External Trainee program and promising candidates may be recruited.

Social Events

The Royal Resorts Training and Human Development department also organizes social and sporting events for staff during the year. These include a breakfast for staff who have reached the milestone of 10, 15 or 20 years with the company, a Mother’s Day celebration, a cookout at the end of Maintenance Week and a Christmas gathering.