Beware of suspicious offers from online companies

Cybercrime and online fraud are on the rise around the world, and we would like to share information about several recent scam attempts that members have reported. Our recommendation is to be vigilant and to disregard any unsolicited call or email you receive from companies with resale offers or promotions.

Several members have reported suspicious phone calls from companies and individuals making offers in reference to The Royal Islander. In one case, the company involved is Realty600 Inc. with a New York telephone number 646-222-2767, but it appears that there are others. This is a scam. We recommend that you do not engage with them, listen to their offers or send them information or money.

Members have also reported receiving emails sent from this domain name: which are designed to mislead the recipient as they feature the old turquoise Royal Resorts logo and a photo of The Royal Cancun and mentions The Royal Resorts. Please be aware that this is a scam. We recommend that you disregard any letters or calls that you may receive from this email address and its representatives – the name Isa Garcia appears in the email.  Above all, do not transfer money to the account number listed in the email

For more information, click to read the Members News article which contains details of recent reports, suspicious activity to look out for and to see the list of companies reported in the last three years.