In our different ways we are all trying to stay in shape during lockdown, some with home workouts and stretching routines, others by walking, running or cycling. If you like yoga, how about a yoga class to use your muscles, calm your thoughts and soothe your mind?
Many of you at The Royal Sands know Pepe from the Activities Team and you can catch up with him on the Royal Resorts Facebook page as he gives live yoga classes. If you want more rhythm and movement, you can also work out with him as he shows off his zumba moves on the deck at The Royal Sands Marina.

A refreshing Royal recipe to try after exercise
And after a workout you’ll be ready for some fresh fruit and a cool drink, how about a glass of the Jugo Verde or Green Juice served in the Royal Restaurants? Our chefs gave us the recipe in case you want to try your hand at making it, and have a supermarket nearby that stocks nopales or Mexican cactus pads.
Please note that this will yield six liters of green juice but you can reduce the quantities to make a smaller amount.

4 liters of fresh orange juice
250g fresh pineapple
185g celery
350g nopal or cactus pads
65g parsley
50g spinach

Wash all ingredients carefully. Finely chop pineapple, celery and cactus and place in blender, add orange juice and while blending add parsley and spinach. Once drink is blended, strain and place in a jug. Add ice to chill.