It is Royal Resorts policy to alert members about possible timeshare scams attempted by companies or individuals operating online. On this occasion we would like to share reports from members about suspicious emails and phone calls received from individuals or brokerage companies regarding their Royal Resorts membership.

The latest incident involves a company called Accord Title & Escrow A. LLC. The member who reported it asked us to warn fellow members. A representative of this company promised her shares for The Royal Caribbean. In order to accept this offer, she would have to pay 2 percent of the value of the shares within 48 hours. She received a certificate with a Royal Holiday Vacation Club logo. We would like to point out that neither of these companies are part of the Royal Resorts group and Royal Resorts has no business relationship with them.

Some members recently received calls and emails from a William Pina who falsely claims to work for Royal Resorts. Individuals representing a company called Diamond Title Services, LLC have contacted other members offering to facilitate the sale of shares or stock with Royal Resorts. They have sent members email certificates that display the Royal Resorts logo and state the value of the supposed shares that will be given to them by Diamond Title on payment of an administrative fee running into thousands of dollars.

Another company called Imperial Brokers has made similar offers to members of The Royal Caribbean and Grand Residences owners.

Diamond Title and Imperial Brokers appear to be operating out of Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas, although the addresses may be false. Their use of the Royal Resorts logo and brand name is unauthorized. The offers they are making and their claims to have information from Royal Resorts are false.

These companies and individuals use similar methods. They tell members that they have shares or stocks with Royal Resorts and list the value of the supposed shares that the member will receive on payment of an administrative fee or a percentage of the total. They may show the member fake email certificates or paperwork and they mention that time is running out in order to create a sense of urgency to convince them to take action.

We recommend that you do not engage with any of these individuals or companies and do not send them money, give them information or sign any documents. They are offering something that does not exist. Royal Resorts is not a publicly traded company and therefore is not in the stock market.  It is a private company and its shares are not for sale.  Members have Residual Rights, which are not the same as shares.  These Residual Rights are handled directly by the membership company of each one of our resorts and there is no third party intervention between the membership company and its members.

When individuals or companies contact you via email, the Internet or phone to offer unsolicited broker, resale, exchange or rental services and ask for cash in advance to cover “administrative fees” “guarantees” or “deposits” it is generally a good indication that they may not be genuine and if you pay it is very possible that you will not hear from them again.

Royal Resorts protects your personal information

Royal Resorts has a rigorous privacy policy and is in full compliance with privacy laws. Our members’ personal information is confidential and we do everything possible to protect it. We do not sell and have never sold personal information to third parties.

Always follow these steps if you receive a suspicious email or phone call:

  • Check the source of the email if the company or individual claims to be associated with Royal Resorts. All Royal Resorts communications are sent from an official email address, if this is not the case, then the email is not from Royal Resorts.
  • Disregard the email or phone call if money is requested in advance for resale or other timeshare-related services.
  • Do not supply personal data or the contact details of friends if referrals are requested.
  • Do an online background check on the company to see if it is legitimate.
  • Ask Royal Resorts if you are in any doubt, we are here to help you.
  • Above all, do not send any money.

We recommend that you avoid disclosing your personal information on forums, blogs and other open media venues and participation in Internet referral schemes that ask you to send the names and details of friends. When you provide your information to others in order to rent, sell or lend your unit please ensure that your information will be protected.