As global interest mounts in the Mayan calendar and one b’aktun or cycle draws to a close on December 21 and another cycle begins, National Geographic Traveler Magazine sent its Digital Nomad Editor at Large Andrew Evans to explore the Mexican Maya World and shed some light on the enigmatic prophecies said by some to allude to the end of the world.
Andrew blogged and tweeted his way through this beautiful area, visiting Izapa and Palenque in Chiapas and Tabasco where he explored the archaeological sites of Pomona and Comalcalco and saw the fragment of the Tortuguero Stela with a hieroglyphic inscription that is said to allude to the return of a god on December 21, 2012. Many respected mainstream archaeologists and Mayan experts have rejected the theory that this is a reference to a global catastrophe and Andrew was quick to point this out.
After a brief stay in Campeche and a trek to the huge Mayan capital of Calakmul and Edzna, Andrew crossed into Yucatan, touring Uxmal and Merida and doing a spot of cenote diving. His final port of call was Quintana Roo where he visited Coba, Tulum and Cozumel.
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