The strict stay at home order continues for Cancun and for the rest of the Mexican Caribbean. All non-essential activities in the public and private sector are suspended until the government lifts the restrictions.
Schools and universities remain closed and students are continuing with their lessons in online classrooms.
People who can work at home are doing so and those who have to travel to their workplace must take every precaution. The use of face masks is mandatory in public, there are restrictions on movement and strict social distancing and sanitation measures for supermarkets, banks and other essential offices that are open.

Community spirit
Those of us from overseas who have lived in Mexico for many years know that Mexicans come together in a crisis. We have seen it time and time again, after hurricanes and earthquakes. We see small acts of kindness everywhere. Neighbors making masks and plastic visors for health workers or organizing a food drive to help those in need. Some are delivering supplies, setting up soup kitchens or even coordinating to cook lunch for workers. Others are rallying to support Rotary Club, Lions and church appeals. Food, materials, donations, time, transport and even music or culture, whatever its scope or size, every community initiative helps someone in need.