The Rental Program

The Rental Program
If you are unable to travel to Royal Resorts one year and do not plan to use your unit, why not enroll your unit in The Rental Program and turn your unused weeks into rental income?

The Rental Program will give your unit global exposure. With a call center, online reservations center, and an extensive network of travel industry alliances, the team uses marketing campaigns and multiple channels to promote your unit to thousands of prospects all over the world. With greater exposure and marketing strategies to increase the number of nights rented, you have a team to do the work of renting your villa for you.

Once you list your week in The Rental Program, the rental team takes care of everything, from advertising your unit to contacting potential clients, contracts and collection, thus saving you time and the money you might have to spend enrolling your villa in other rental programs, or on publicity.

There are no upfront fees for enrolling your unit and no marketing charges either. The online program is easy to use, and it only takes a few clicks to enroll your unit. The Rental Program is also very flexible, you can log in to The Rental Program website to enroll the whole unit, the one-bedroom suite or the room, and the time slots also give you a variety of options. List your unit for seven nights or only a few nights, for one year, several years or even longer.

You can choose to receive your rental proceeds by check in US dollars, Royal Resorts Rewards or wire transfer (a US$25 processing fee applies for wire transfers).

Contacting The Rental Program

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TEL.: USA & CANADA 1-800-791-4423

MEXICO 800-099-0761

INTERNATIONAL 954-736-2200