Shopping for organic or community products such as honey, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, salsas and preserves helps support sustainable development in rural areas of southeast Mexico. For example, by purchasing Pitahi pitahaya or dragon fruit jam at The Royal Market you can help improve lives in the Zona Maya of central Quintana Roo.

Farmers in the village of Chumpon and neighboring Chun-on and Chun-ya grow the native pitahaya cactus, pineapple and papaya for the export market, harvesting up to 150 tons of dragon fruit a year. Traditionally, the fruit that didn’t meet size and appearance quality standards would be discarded. A group of women in Chumpon decided to make jam from surplus fruit as a way of boosting income, bringing sustainable development and employment opportunities to their community.

They founded the Ulu Umil Beh cooperative and began jam making. Their idea took off and Pitahi preserves are now served in several hotels in the Riviera Maya and available in local stores.

However, disaster struck Chumpon in the summer of 2018 when it was hit by devastating floods. Crops were destroyed and many villagers lost their homes and possessions. The sale of Pitahi jam has become all the more important, to help restore lost income and rebuild the community.

By buying a pot of Pitahi jam at The Royal Market you are helping families get back on their feet again. Support this worthy cause, every purchase matters.

Pitahi pitahaya and papaya jam, all natural, a community product from central Quintana Roo, on sale at The Royal Market. Try it today.

And before you go home, be sure to shop for organic vanilla, coffee and honey, also available at The Royal Market.